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City Engineering Standards
Section 7: Electric Utility

All plans in Acrobat PDF format, version 7 or later.
Last updated February 2022.

Standard Plan Number Standard Plan Title
MVEU-700-0 Title Sheet Base (for Electric Utility Division)
MVEU-701-0 Conduits & Cable Call-Outs
MVEU-702-0 Structure & Equipment Symbols
MVEU-703-1 Equipment Legends
MVEU-704-0 Vicinity & Project Map
MVEU-705-0 Approved Status Stamp
MVEU-706-A Designer Declaration
MVEU-706-B Engineer's Notice to Contractors
MVEU-707A-0 Statement of Plan Review
MVEU-707B-0 Statement of Plan Review
MVEU-708-0 Design Information
MVEU-709-1 Dry Utilities Trench Section
MVEU-710A-0 Electrical Singleline Diagram Residential
MVEU-710B-0 Electrical Singleline Diagram Backbone
MVEU-711A-0 48" x 54" Pad for Pad Mounted & Mini Pad Mounted Transformer
MVEU-711B-0 Mini Pad Mounted Transformer Cable Connections
MVEU-712-1 66" x 72" pad for 75kVA - 300kVA Pad Mounted Transformers
MVEU-713-0 72" x 94" Pad for 75kVA - 500kVA Pad Mounted Transformers
MVEU-714-0 6' x 8'-6" Pad with Box for 75kVA - 500kVA Pad Mounted Transformers
MVEU-715-0 8' x 10' Pad with Box for 750kVA - 1000kVA Pad Mounted Transformers
MVEU-716-0 10' x 12' Pad with Box for 1500kVA - 2500kVA Pad Mounted Transformers
MVEU-717-0 72" x 94" Pad for Pad-Mounted Capacitors
MVEU-718-0 Pad Mounted Switch Enclosure Detail 5' x 1 0'-6" x 7'
MVEU-719-0 17" x 30" x 24" Pull Box for Service Connection
MVEU-720-0 10. 5" x 17" x 24" Pull Box for Street Light Connection
MVEU-721-0 Precast Concrete Parkway Enclosure 2' x 3' x 5' and 3' x 5' x 5'
MVEU-722-0 Protective Barriers for Equipment and Structures Subject to Traffic Locations
MVEU-723-0 Retaining Walls for Pad-Mounted Switches and Transformers
MVEU-724A-2 Joint Trench Details for Conduit Installations
MVEU-724B-2 Electric Trench Details for Conduit Installations
MVEU-725-0 Surface Operable Enclosure 5' x 8. 5' x 5'
MVEU-726-0 Vault 6' x 12' x 7'
MVEU-727 A-0 Conduit Bank Requirements - Installation in a Bore
MVEU-727B-0 Conduit Bank Requirements
MVEU-728-A Manhole 5' x 10. 6' x 7'
MVEU-728-B Manhole 4' x 6'-6" x 7'
MVEU-729A-0 Project Sign- Electrical Distribution Project
MVEU-729B-0 Project Completion Sign- Electrical Distribution Project
MVEU-730A-0 Vault 7' x 14' x 8'
MVEU-730B-0 Vault 7' x 18' x 8'
MVEU-730C-0 4' x 6' Pad w/ 2.5' x 4' Box for PMH-4 or PMH-5 Switchgear
MVEU-731-0 Support for Conduits on Bridges
MVEU-732A-0 Alternate Supports for Conduits on Bridges
MVEU-732B-0 Alternate Supports for Conduits on Bridges
MVEU-733-0 Expansion Joint for Plastic Conduit