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City Engineering Standards
Section 6: General Facilities

All plans in Acrobat PDF format, version 7 or later.
Last updated November 2020.

Standard Plan Number Standard Plan Title
Parks Facilities
MVGF-600-0 Parks and Community Services - General Notes
MVGF-610A-1 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610B-0 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610C-0 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610D-0 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610E-0 Multi-Use Feeder Trail
MVGF-610F-0 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610G-0 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610H-0 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610I-1 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610J-0 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610K-0 Multi-Use Trail
MVGF-610L-0 Riding and Hiking Trails
MVGF-610M-0 Multi-Use Trail Specifications
MVGF-610N-1 Multi-Use Trail Specifications
MVGF-611-0 Concrete Walk/Slab/Approach Adjacent To Trail
MVGF-612-0 Secondary Riding and Hiking
MVGF-613A-0 Trailhead Ingress I Egress Gate Detail
MVGF-613B-0 Single Trail Access Gate
MVGF-613C-0 Double Trail Access Gate
MVGF-613D-0 Double Trail Access Gate with Center Opening
MVGF-613E-0 EZ 55 Bracket with Post
MVGF-614A-0 24" x 24" Catch Basin
MVGF-614B-0 Typical Area Drain
MVGF-615-A Drinking Fountain Sump Drainage Detail
MVGF-615-B Drinking Fountain and Bottle Filler
MVGF-616-0 Cable Railing
MVGF-617-0 Hitching Rail
MVGF-618A-0 Electrical Pull Box for Parks
MVGF-618B-0 Trench Details for Conduit Installations in Parks
MVGF-619-0 Retaining Walls for Pad-Mounted Meter Enclosures
MVGF-620A-0 Graphic Plan, Two Sided Sign (96" L. x 60" HT.)
MVGF-620B-0 Construction Plan, Two Sided Sign (90" L. x 60" HT.)
MVGF-620C-0 Construction Plan, Sign Base (12" W. x 102" L.)
MVGF-620D-0 Installation Plan, Two Sided Sign (96" L. x 60" HT.)
MVGF-621A-0 Graphic Plan, One Sided Sign (96" L. x 60" HT.)
MVGF-621B-0 Construction Plan, One Sided Sign (96" L. x 60" HT.)
MVGF-621C-0 Construction Plan, Sign Base (12" W x 102" L.)
MVGF-621D-0 Installation Plan, One Sided Sign (96" L. x 60" HT.)
MVGF-622-0 Horse Watering Station
MVGF-623A-1 Parking Lots
MVGF-623B-0 Join Existing Parking Lot Pavement Detail
MVGF-623C-1 Concrete Pavement Joint
MVGF-623D-0 Parks Striping and Pavement Legend Standards & Specifications
MVGF-623E-0 Type 6 Integral Curb and Gutter for Parks
MVGF-623F-0 Type 8A Curb for Parks
MVGF-623G-0 Type C Rolled Curb for Parks
MVGF-623H-0 Curb Separated Walkway for Parks
MVGF-623I-0 Walk Way Placement around Obstructions for Parks
MVGF-623J-0 Tree Well for Parks
MVGF-623K-0 Commercial Driveway Approach for Parks
MVGF-624A-0 Parks Facility Dedication Plaque
MVGF-624B-0 Parks Dedication Plaque Pedestal
MVGF-625A-0 Sign Post Installation in Parks
NVGF-625B-0 Parks Sign Post Installation Notes
MVGF-626-0 Concrete Light Pole Base
MVGF-627A-0 Pole Base Fixture Footing For Parks
MVGF-627B-0 Light Pole With Above Grade Pole Base
Fences and Gates
MVGF-640-0 3-Rail PVC Fence
MVGF-641-0 Park Projects Chain Link Fence and Gates
MVGF-642-0 Fire Access Gate
MVGF-643A-0 Steel Fence & Gate
MVGF-643B-0 Steel Fence & Gate for Cell Sites
MVGF-644-0 Modified Extended Detention Basin Fence & Gate Detail Guide
Retaining Wall
MVGF-650A-0 Retaining Wall Notes for Electrical Facilities
MVGF-650B-0 Retaining Wall Sections for Electrical Facilities
Building Facilities
MVGF-670A-0 Facility Dedication Plaque
MVGF-670B-0 Dedication Plaque Pedestal