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City Engineering Standards
Section 1: Street Improvements

All plans in Acrobat PDF format, version 7 or later.
Last updated February 2023.

Standard Plan Number Standard Plan Title
MVSI-010A-0 Acronyms and Abbreviations
MVSI-010B-0 Drafting Standards and Topo Symbols
MVSI-010C-0 Drafting Standards and Topo Symbols
MVSI-010D-0 Drafting Standards and Topo Symbols
Street Sections
MVSI-100A-3 Street Classification and Cross Section Design Standards
MVSI-100B-1 Street Classification and Cross Section Design Standards Notes
MVSI-101A-1 Divided Major Arterial
MVSI-101B-1 Alternate Divided Major Arterial
MVSI-102A-1 Modified Divided Major Arterial
MVSI-102B-1 Alternate Modified Divided Major Arterial
MVSI-103A-1 4-Lane Divided Arterial
MVSI-103B-1 Alternate Divided Arterial
MVSI-103C-1 6-Lane Divided Arterial
MVSI-103D-0 Mixed Use Boulevard
MVSI-104A-1 Arterial
MVSI-104B-1 Alternate Arterial
MVSI-104C-1 Sunnymead Boulevard (Frederick Street to Graham Street)
MVSI-104D-1 Sunnymead Boulevard (Graham Street to Heacock Street)
(Indian Street to Perris Boulevard)
MVSI-104E-1 Sunnymead Boulevard (Heacock Street to Indian Street)
MVSI-105A-2 Minor Arterial
MVSI-105B-1 Alternate Minor Arterial
MVSI-105C-1 Pigeon Pass Road
MVSI-106A-1 Industrial Collector
MVSI-106B-0 Collector
MVSI-106C-0 Neighborhood Collector
MVSI-107A-0 Local Street
MVSI-107B-0 Modified Local Street
MVSI-107C-0 Rural Street
MVSI-107D-0 All Weather Transportation Surface
MVSI-108A-0 Hillside Residential Street
MVSI-108B-0 Hillside Collector Street
MVSI-109A-0 Local and Collector Street Bridge
MVSI-109B-0 Minor Arterial Bridge
MVSI-109C-0 Arterial Bridge
MVSI-110-0 Two-Way Bike Path on Separate Right-of-Way
Sidewalks, Driveways, and Ramps
MVSI-111A-0 Residential Driveway Approach (For Right-Of-Way Width behind Curb of 10' or More)
MVSI-111B-0 Residential Driveway Approach (For Confined Right-Of-Way)
MVSI-111C-1 Residential Driveway Approach (For Confined Right-Of-Way)
MVSI-112A-0 Commercial Driveway Approach: Type 1
MVSI-112B-0 Commercial Driveway Approach: Type 2
MVSI-112C-0 Commercial Driveway Approach: Type 3
MVSI-112D-0 Commercial Driveway Approach: Type 4
MVSI-113-0 Alley Approach
MVSI-114A-2 Access Ramp – Type 1
MVSI-114B-2 Access Ramp – Type 2
MVSI-114C-2 Detectable Warning Surface Details and Notes
MVSI-114D-0 Access Ramp – Alternate Type 2 (Confined Space)
MVSI-115A-0 Sidewalk
MVSI-115B-0 Curb Separated Sidewalk
MVSI-115C-0 Meandering Sidewalk
MVSI-115D-0 Sidewalk Placement around Obstructions
MVSI-116A-0 News Rack Installation and Placement
MVSI-116B-0 News Rack Installation Notes
MVSI-117A-0 Single Post Mailbox Installation
MVSI-117B-0 Multiple Mailbox Installation for New Sidewalk
MVSI-118A-0 Tree Well – Type 1
MVSI-118B-0 Tree Well – Type 2
MVSI-118C-0 Tree Well – Type 3
MVSI-118D-0 Tree Well – Type 4
MVSI-118E-0 Tree Well Notes
MVSI-119-0 Parkway Improvement Spacing
Curb and Gutter
MVSI-120A-0 Type 6 Integral Curb and Gutter
MVSI-120B-0 Type 8 Integral Curb and Gutter
MVSI-121A-0 Type 6A Curb
MVSI-121B-0 Type 8A Curb
MVSI-122-0 Type D-1 Curb
MVSI-123-0 Type C Rolled Curb
MVSI-124-0 Asphalt Concrete Curb
MVSI-125-0 Curb Transition
MVSI-126-0 Curb Address Painting
MVSI-127-1 Cross Gutter and Spandrel
MVSI-130-0 Pavement Edge Taper
MVSI-131-1 Join Existing Pavement Detail
MVSI-132A-2 Perpendicular Trench Backfill and Roadway Repair
MVSI-132B-3 Parallel Trench Backfill and Roadway Repair
MVSI-132C-3 Trench Backfill and Roadway Repair Notes
MVSI-132D-1 Utility Pothole or Pavement Core Repair
MVSI-132E-2 Water Line (Up to 12” Dia) Trench Backfill and Roadway Repair
MVSI-132F-2 Water Line (Larger than 12” Dia) Trench Backfill and Roadway Repair
MVSI-132G-0 Micro-Trenching and Join Existing Pavement Detail
MVSI-133-0 Recessed Trench Plate Detail
MVSI-134A-0 Speed Hump Detail and Placement
MVSI-134B-0 Speed Hump Installation Notes
MVSI-135-0 Speed Table
MVSI-140-0 Emergency Vehicle Median Access
MVSI-141A-0 Median Landscape Meandering Design
MVSI-141B-0 Median Landscape Meandering Design Notes
MVSI-142A-1 Median Hardscape Meandering Design
MVSI-142B-1 Median Hardscape Meandering Design Notes
MVSI-143-0 Median Taper
MVSI-144-0 Median Flare
MVSI-145-0 Restricted Left Turn Median Opening
MVSI-146-0 Aligned Opposite Driveways Restricted Left Turn Median
MVSI-147A-0 Manhole I Curb Conflict with Median Access
MVSI-147B-0 Manhole I Curb Conflict with Median Access
Parkway and Residential Yard Drain
MVSI-150A-0 Parkway Culvert
MVSI-150B-0 Parkway Culvert Details and Notes
MVSI-151A-0 Sidewalk Outlet Structure
MVSI-151B-0 Sidewalk Outlet Structure Notes
MVSI-152-1 Curb Drain – Residential
MVSI-153A-1 Typical Lot Drainage and Yard Drain
MVSI-153B-0 Residential Yard Drain – B1 Typical Area Drain
MVSI-153C-0 Residential Yard Drain – B2 Typical Drain Downspout Inlet Detail
Design and Construction Policies and Guidelines
MVSI-160A-2 Design Policy
MVSI-160B-1 Design Policy
MVSI-160C-1 Roadway Design Requirements
MVSI-161-0 Bus Turnout
MVSI-162-0 Knuckle
MVSI-163A-0 Cul-de-Sac (Symmetrical)
MVSI-163B-0 Cul-de-Sac (Offset)
MVSI-164A-0 Intersection Sight Distance
MVSI-164B-0 Intersection Sight Distance
MVSI-164C-0 Intersection Sight Distance
MVSI-165-0 Property Line: Corner Cut-Back, Curb Return Radius
MVSI-166A-1 Standard General Notes (For Land Development Division)
MVSI-166B-2 Standard Street Improvement Notes (For Land Development Division)
MVSI-166C-2 Standard Notes (For Land Development Division)
MVSI-166D-2 Standard Precise Grading Notes (For Land Development Division)
MVSI-167A-0 General Street Improvements Notes (For City Capital Improvement Projects)
MVSI-167B-1 General Street Improvements Notes (For City Capital Improvement Projects)
MVSI-168A-1 Standard Title Sheet (For Land Development Division)
MVSI-168B-1 Standard Title Sheet (For City Capital Improvement Projects)
MVSI-170A-1 Monument Cover
MVSI-170B-0 Survey Monument
MVSI-170C-0 Tie-out Standards
MVSI-170D-0 Street Centerline Monument
MVSI-170E-0 Monument Notes
MVSI-180A-1 Normal Location of Underground Utilities
MVSI-180B-1 Location of Cable TV Ducts at Street Intersections
MVSI-181A-1 Communications Conduit in Parkway Separate Trench Detail
MVSI-181B-0 Communications Conduit in Sidewalk Separate Trench Detail
MVSI-181C-1 Communications Conduit in Pavement Separate Trench Detail
MVSI-181D-1 Typical Multi-Conduit Joint Trench Detail
MVSI-182-1 Telecommunications Trunk Conduit System & Pullbox Layout Detail
MVSI-183-1 Telecommunications Distribution and Service Lateral Conduit System
MVSI-184A-1 Telecommunications Residential Units
MVSI-184B-1 Telecommunications Residential Units
MVSI-185A-0 Telecommunications Technical Provisions
MVSI-185B-0 Telecommunications Technical Provisions
MVSI-185C-1 Telecommunications Technical Provisions
MVSI-185D-1 Telecommunications Technical Provisions
MVSI-186-1 Citywide Communication Conduits