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City Engineering Standards
Section 3: Flood and Erosion Control

All plans in Acrobat PDF format, version 7 or later.
Last updated November 2020.

Note: All other Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Standards which are not specifically included are adopted in this Section. The use of APWA's Flood Control and Storm Drain Facilities Standards must have prior approval from the Public Works Director/City Engineer.

Standard Plan Number Standard Plan Title
MVFE-300A-0 Catch Basin
MVFE-300B-0 Catch Basin Notes
MVFE-300C-0 Catch Basin Opening Detail
MVFE-300D-0 Catch Basin Face Plate and Protection Bar Detail
MVFE-300E-0 Catch Basin Manhole Frame and Cover
MVFE-300F-0 Catch Basin Reinforcement
Manholes and Structures
MVFE-320A-0 Manhole
MVFE-320B-0 Manhole Notes
MVFE-320C-0 Manhole Shaft for Cast Pipe
MVFE-321A-0 Manhole Frame and Cover
MVFE-321B-0 Manhole Frame and Cover Notes
MVFE-340-0 Concrete Collar for Pipe 24 through 36 Inches
Water Quality and Erosion Control
MVFE-350-0 NPDES Notes
MVFE-351A-0 Erosion Control Notes (Rough Grading Phase)
MVFE-351B-0 Erosion Control Notes (Precise Grading Phase)
MVFE-351C-0 Erosion Control Notes (Straw-Bale Barriers)
MVFE-351D-0 Erosion Control Notes
MVFE-351E-0 Construction Driveway Desilting Basin
MVFE-351F-0 Temporary Access Ramp and Check Dam Detail
MVFE-352-0 Semi-Pervious Straw Bale Sediment Barrier
MVFE-353-0 Temporary Desilting Measures at Catch Basin
MVFE-354-0 Stabilized Construction Exit Sediment Removal
MVFE-355-0 Silt Fence Detail
MVFE-356-0 Desilting Basin