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Ulises Cabrera was elected as Mayor of Moreno Valley in 2022 and is proud to be the youngest directly-elected Mayor in the City’s history. He was first elected to the Moreno Valley City Council in 2017 to represent Council District 4. His mission is to help make Moreno Valley a model City for the State of California, the country, and the world.

Mayor Cabrera serves on several City boards and commissions and in inter-agency capacities. Currently, he serves on the Arts Commission, Emerging Leaders Council, the Parks, Community Services and Trails Committee, and the Finance Subcommittee. Additionally, Council Member Cabrera serves on the School Districts/ City Joint Task Force and the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency (RCHCA). He also regularly volunteers in various capacities, including neighborhood clean-ups and community events.

Mayor Cabrera’s experience living in lower-income communities in Los Angeles, Texas, and Moreno Valley has fostered his passion for helping people and uplifting communities. He strives to create an inclusive community where every voice is heard and no one is left behind.

As a changemaker, Mayor Cabrera is focused on implementing policies to improve Moreno Valley’s quality of life. These policies include addressing homelessness, investing in infrastructure, beautifying parks, creating opportunities for young people, broadening the arts, building high-quality community events, and enhancing public safety through community engagement. 

He spends a great deal of time working with Moreno Valley’s youth to pursue the changes that will lay the foundation for the City’s future. His platform emphasizes the value of education and training to pave the way for prosperity.

Mayor Cabrera sees a brighter future rising in Moreno Valley and believes the City’s best days are ahead. He aims to cultivate that bright future by bringing in more quality housing, attracting more high-end International and Fortune 500 companies, spurring entrepreneurship and innovation, and cultivating the future of Moreno Valley through a well-trained local workforce.
Mayor Cabrera is a business owner and graduated cum laude from the University of California Riverside with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He married Moreno Valley’s First Lady, Carina Cabrera, in 2021, and soon after they welcomed their beautiful son, Osias.

As a deeply family-oriented person, Mayor Cabrera considers everyone in the Moreno Valley Community part of his family.


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  • Committee and Board Participation

    Arts Commission Cabrera Barnard 12/31/2024
    Emerging Leaders Council Cabrera Baca 12/31/2024
    Economic Development Subcommittee
           Appoint 2 Primary
    Cabrera Marquez 12/31/2024
    Finance Subcommittee
           Appoint 2 Primary
    Cabrera Delgado 12/31/2024
    March Joint Powers Commission (JPC)
    Appoint 2 Primary
    Cabrera   12/31/2024
    School Districts/City Joint Task Force
    Appoint 2 Primary
    Barnard/ Baca Cabrera 12/31/2024
    Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) Cabrera  Delgado 12/31/2024
    Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) Baca Cabrera 12/31/2024
    Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority (RCA) Cabrera Delgado 12/31/2024

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