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Starting Service

MVU provides provides both residential and commercial electric power services.

Starting Service for a Residence or Existing Commercial Location

  • Call Customer Service: 844.341.6469
    Call anytime — it's open 24 hours per day every day. During the service start-up process, you will be asked to verify your identity and establish credit with MVU.
  • Verify Your Identity
    During the service initiation process, MVU requests information about you and any co-applicant including:
    • Social security number (residence) or
      EIN (commercial)
    • Date of birth
    • Driver’s license number
    • Previous addresses
    • Employment information
    In compliance with federal regulations, MVU secures the storage and access of your personal and confidential information.

    Don't have a social security number?

    You will be asked to take two forms of identification to the MVU office to verify your identity. One of the two forms of identification must be a government issued picture identification. The MVU office is located at 14331 Frederick Street, Suite 2 Moreno Valley (map link).

  • Establish Credit
    MVU uses a credit rating evaluation to determine whether a deposit will be required on your account. The amount required for a deposit is based on an amount approximately twice the average monthly bill for electric service. See MVU’s current Rate Schedule for applicable fees and deposits.

    When a deposit is required, the amount of the deposit must be paid in full before starting electric service.

    If you have had service with MVU in the past 12 months with a good payment history, the deposit requirement may be waived.

Starting Commercial Service for New Construction

Developers within the service territory can sign up to have electrical service provided by Moreno Valley Electric Utility.

Utility Service Request Forms

As more information becomes available, look here to find service planner documents including:

  • Design manuals
  • Underground construction standards
  • Safety and health procedures
  • Electric service rules
  • Fees and charges
  • Underground service requirements
  • Residential distribution design procedures