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Bicycle Safety

Man riding a sport bike in Moreno Valley

Let’s all be part of the solution by being alert, aware, and most of all — Share the Road. It belongs to all of us!

Bicyclists should

  • always wear a helmet. Even though California law requires those under 18 to do so, all bicyclists should wear them while riding.
  • choose their routes according to their abilities prior to departing.
  • always travel in the same direction as traffic. Riding against the flow of traffic is illegal and dangerous. Follow the same rules of the road as everyone else on the road and obey all signals and signs.
  • always ride within bike lanes when available and always keep as far right as possible, except to avoid road debris, opening of car doors, and passing other cyclists.
  • give pedestrians the right of way when in close contact.
  • ride single file to allow motorists to pass safely and use hand signals to indicate stops, changes of directions, and turns.
  • be aware of intersections and be extra cautious turning vehicles.
  • keep their bicycles in good working condition and if riding after dark have reflective gear and proper lights.

Motorists should:

  • slow down when encountering a bicyclist and give them at least 3 feet of room when passing them on the roadway.
  • stay alert and avoid all distractions while driving.
  • be aware of bicyclists when making turns and gauge speeds accordingly.
  • watch for passing bicyclists when exiting a parking space or driveway and always look prior to opening the car door when parked.
  • avoid honking the horn near bicyclists as it can startle them and cause accidents. Also, do not expect children on bicycles to know and understand traffic laws or behave predictably. Take extra care around them.
  • be aware that a cyclist is legally allowed to take an entire lane when no bike lane exists and there is insufficient width for the vehicle to pass the cyclist safely.

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