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Current Fiscal Year Projects

SR-60 interechange project.

Current Capital Improvement Projects for 2022.

  • Indian Street / Cardinal Avenue Bridge (Over Lateral A)
    This project will provide a new bridge on Indian Street over flood control Channel Lateral A and associated roadway improvements on Indian Street. The bridge and roadway improvements will complete the connection of Indian Street north of the channel to south of the channel.
  • Juan Bautista de Anza Multi-Use Trail Project from the Moreno Valley Mall to Lake Perris State Park
    The City received federal monies to develop a comprehensive plan along the entire existing route from the Moreno Valley Mall to Lake Perris. The comprehensive plan is for the construction of a multi-use (pedestrian/bike) trail including addressing missing gaps/segments improving access to schools, parks, and shopping, and developing safe street crossing at high-use locations.
  • Moreno Master Drainage Plan Line F-18 and Line F-19
    This project will install storm drain improvements in the Moreno Townsite Area. Line F-18 will be installed in Alessandro Boulevard between Redlands Boulevard and Merwin Street. Line F-19 is in Brodiaea Avenue between Redlands Boulevard and Merwin Street, and a second storm drain line will be installed in Maltbe Avenue. These two storm drains will be connected to the existing storm drain Line F-2 running north-south in Redlands Boulevard. The proposed storm drains are to mitigate flooding for the Moreno Townsite Area.
  • Moreno Master Drainage Plan Storm Drain Line K-1 Stage 3 and Line K-4 Stage 3
    This project will install a storm drain system in Locust Avenue, Carrie Lane, Kalmia Avenue, and Pettit Street to mitigate flooding for the San Timoteo Foothill Neighborhood area.
  • SR-60 / Moreno Beach Drive (Phase 2)
    This project replaced the SR-60 / Moreno Beach two-lane bridge with a seven-lane bridge, reconfigured the north side of the interchange, and add a west bound auxiliary lane. The interchange now has a cloverleaf in the northeast quadrant and a dedicated southbound Moreno Beach Drive to westbound SR-60 on-ramp. The eastbound ramp terminals were raised to meet the new grade of the bridge. A portion of Storm Drain Line K-1 upstream in Ironwood Avenue is being constructed. Expansion of the current facilities were needed due to the traffic demand resulting from development in the area.
  • Sunnymead Master Drainage Plan – Storm Drain Line F and Line F-7
    This proposed Sunnymead Master Drainage Plan (MDP) Line F and Line F-7 project includes approximately 3,400 feet of pipe starting from the intersection of Hemlock Avenue and Graham Street, going west along Hemlock Avenue to mid-block between Graham Street and Pigeon Pass Road, then going south past State Route 60 and Sunnymead Boulevard to approximately 700 feet south of Sunnymead Boulevard. The storm drain system includes various storm drainpipe sizes, several basins, and miscellaneous appurtenances. The purpose of the storm drain is to mitigate flooding in the area.
  • Sunnymead Master Drainage Plan Line B-16A
    This project will install Storm Drain Line B-16A in Kitching Street from Ironwood Avenue to Kalmia Avenue. Approximately 2,900 lineal feet of 24 inch to 36-inch diameter pipe will be installed. This project will assist in eliminating flooding along Kitching Street and surrounding areas.
  • Heacock Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancements / Gregory Lane to 680 ft South
    This project will provide missing sidewalk, curb, gutter, asphalt concrete pavement, pedestrian ramp, utility relocations, and striping along Heacock Street.  Due to several requests from local residents, this project will widen and improve the east side Heacock street from Gregory Lane to approximately 680 ft south of Gregory Lane. The project is received SB 821 grant funding for implementation.
  • Fiscal Year 2021-22 ADA Access Ramps Improvements (Various Locations)
    This project will remove and replace 77 pedestrian ramps at 27 intersections. The new ramps will be built to current Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards.
  • Citywide Pavement Rehabilitation and Preservation Program
    This ongoing citywide project addresses basic road maintenance, rehabilitation, and critical safety needs for local roads. Funding is used for both slurry seal (street preservation) and road surface removal and replacement (rehabilitation) of streets. Slurry seal is mixture of emulsified asphalt, water, and aggregate that can be applied on existing roadway surface. The slurry seal forms a protective seal for the surface, which extends the service life of the roadway, as well as enhances the roadway aesthetics. Rehabilitation includes the removal (grinding) of the top two inches of the roadway surface, followed by new two-inch-thick asphalt