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What to Know FAQ

Interior of an ADU

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I convert my garage to an ADU?


  • Do I need permits for my ADU?

    Yes. You will need the same permits as for any structure in Moreno Valley. See Permits & Planning for an overview of what you'll need for each type of ADU.

  • Are solar panels required?

    Yes. If you build a free-standing ADU, State Law requires that it have solar panels.

  • Can I install a pre-fab ADU?

    Yes. With the proper permits.

  • Can a tiny home qualify as an ADU?

    Yes. A tiny home can be an ADU provided that it is attached to a foundation and does not have wheels.

  • Is my fifth wheel an ADU?

    No. ADUs can not be mobile. They must have a fixed foundation.

Additional Resources

City of Moreno Valley

Additional information

For Home Owner Asssociations

Under California law, a homeowner association (HOA) may review and regulate only some minor aspects of a member homeowner’s proposed accessory dwelling unit (ADU). The HOA may not impose regulations, requirements, or conditions that “either effectively prohibit or unreasonably restrict the construction or use of the ADU” (California Civil Code section 4751). For example, the HOA may regulate elements of design and colors, and to a lesser extent placement and height. However, the HOA can not prohibit an ADU if Moreno Valley zoning standards for the applicable zoning district otherwise allow for an ADU in the location.

Each HOA must look to its Board and members for guidance and direction as to how much, or how little, regulatory review authority should be applied toward ADU proposals; but the HOA should accomplish this within the framework set out under Cal. Civil Code Sec. 4751, and with the benefit of legal counsel. In the meantime, to assist with this process, the California Department of Housing and Community Development has prepared an ADU handbook.


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