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Know MoVal

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Let's Get to Know MoVal

Join animated friends, Mo and Val, as they teach us a little bit about the city where dreams soar.


The City of Moreno Valley is a dynamic and diverse community with well over 200,000 residents and is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and international businesses. It is essential to understand the duties of local government and learn how the City functions while providing vital services. Mo and Val will cover topics from budgets to road repairs and everything in between.

Know MoVal Video Series

Know MoVal City Hall

Episode #1 Know MoVal City Hall

In the first episode of Know MoVal, you will learn how Moreno Valley’s City Departments are structured to work for you.

Know MoVal Roads

Episode #2 Know MoVal Roads

Moreno Valley is incredibly proud of the new Pavement Rehabilitation Program. This episode features an exciting look at how the City’s $50 Million road improvement investment is paving the way for a smoother future in Moreno Valley. 

Know MoVal Freeways

Episode #3 Know MoVal Freeways

The City of Moreno Valley sits alongside Interstate 215 and State Route 60. In this episode, you will learn who is responsible for maintaining the highways and their surrounding areas.

Know MoVal Animal Shelter

Episode #4 Know MoVal Animal Shelter

Do you ever wonder what the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter has to offer? This episode of Know MoVal highlights the tremendous work being done to protect pets at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter.

Know MoVal Parks

Episode #5 Know MoVal Parks

Do you ever wonder what Moreno Valley Parks have to offer? This episode of Know MoVal highlights many amazing features you will find in Moreno Valley's 34 beautiful parks.

Know MoVal Senior Center

Episode #6 Know MoVal Senior Center

You can tell a lot about a community by how they treat their seniors. In this episode of Know MoVal, we highlight the Moreno Valley Senior Center and all the programs and services that keep our senior community thriving!

Know MoVal Parks

Episode #7 Know MoVal BERC

Did you know the City of Moreno Valley has a Business & Employment Resource Center? In this episode of Know MoVal, you'll learn how the BERC can help you find a job, connect to business resources, and so much more!