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City Fees

The Current Fee Schedule provides a complete list of City fees. For your convenience, fees are further broken down by division categories. These fees are adjusted annually.

Development Fees

The City imposes development impact fees on development projects to lessen the impact to public services, infrastructure and facilities. Impact fees are assessed by the Planning Division.

Building and Safety

Fees for new construction, tenant improvements, remodels, solar, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and miscellaneous are included in the fee schedule below.

Code and Neighborhood Services

Fees for re-inspection, nuisance abatement, parking, towing, and certificate of correction included in the fee schedule below.


Lists fees for the following: environmental review, change of zone, conditional use permit, general plan amendment, home occupation permit, plan check & inspection, signs, specific plans, temporary use permits, tentative parcel map and miscellaneous items.

Impact Fees

The impact fee schedule includes Moreno Valley Ranch and city-wide residential and non-residential categories.