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Space Constraint Waiver

The City of Moreno Valley may waive a Commercial Business’ or property owner’s obligations (including Multi-Family Properties) to comply with some or all of the recyclable materials and/or Organic Waste collection service requirements if the Jurisdiction has evidence from its own staff, a hauler, licensed architect, or licensed engineer demonstrating that the premises lacks adequate space for the collection containers required for compliance.
Per state law, a Commercial Business or property owner may request a physical space waiver through the following process:

Please provide the following information to request a Space Constraint Waiver:

  1. Submit an application form specifying the type(s) of collection services for which they are requesting a compliance waiver.
  2. Provide documentation that the premises lack adequate space for recycling and/or organic waste recycling containers including documentation from its hauler, licensed architect, or licensed engineer.
  3. Provide written verification to Jurisdiction that it is still eligible for physical space waiver every five years, if Jurisdiction has approved application for a physical space waiver.