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GREEN MoVal program banner.

Let MVU pick up the tab for qualifying energy-saving equipment through the Getting Really Energy Efficient Now (GREEN) MoVal program.

GREEN MoVal is the City of Moreno Valley’s initiative to encourage residents and businesses to become more energy efficient. Rebate-qualiffying items help residents and local businesses achieve energy savings, reduce bills, support economic development, reduce generation resource requirements and lessen environmental impacts.

The Residential Energy Efficiency Program and the Commercial Energy Efficiency Program have specific fixed rebate amounts for customers by rate class who meet the program requirements for the equipment purchased and installed.

GREEN MoVal Programs

Each MVU eligible household is allotted up to $4000 to cover expenses for NEW whole house fans, energy star ceiling fans, solar screens, smart thermostats, high-efficiency HVAC motors and more.


Additional residential programs include:

  • Residential Energy Audits and Direct Install
  • Energy Star Appliance Rebate
  • Central AC & Heat Pump Replacement
  • Central AC & Heat Pump Tune-up
  • Cooling Rewards
  • Custom Energy-Efficiency Program

See the GREEN MoVal flyer for details.

Get more information and program applications on the MVU Efficiency Programs page.

MVU also has incentives for electric cars and solar installations. Get the details:

GREEN MoVal Residential Programs

Efficiency Tips
Here are some energy saving tips for residents:


GREEN MoVal Commercial Programs

Energy Efficiency Case Study
Southern California Edison's Integrated Demand-Side Management Success Story features Moreno Valley:
City of Moreno Valley Transforms Its Facilities to Become an Energy Leader

Commercial programs include:

  • Commercial Energy Load Program
  • New Construction and Major Tenant Renovation
  • Commercial Energy Audits and Direct Install
  • Commercial Central AC & Heat Pump Tune-up
  • Commercial Heating, Ventilation, and HVAC Retrofits
  • Chiller Retrofits
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Motor Replacements
  • Miscellaneous Energy-Saving Retrofits

Get more information and program applications on the MVU Efficiency Programs page.